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il Faggetto – Pizza Oven Fuel

il Faggetto ‘O Sole Mio is a 100% Beechwood briquette designed specifically for use in wood-fired pizza ovens. Patented and Certified as food grade, this briquette is used in over 10,000 pizzerias (2013) in Italy. The briquette provides a number of advantages over traditional logs and in most cases is more cost-effective than traditional wood logs.
Distributed in Australia by Arancini Art.

Used by over 7000 Italian wood oven chefs for a cleaner-hotter-longer baking session. Wood fired ovens, frequently referred to as pizza ovens, are a fantastic way to cook pizzas and are incredibly versatile ovens for bread baking as well as amazing roast meat and vegetable dishes, in fact a wood fired oven is one of those items that until your first experience, you never really knew you wanted one. Many of our customers cook all year round in theirs, including Christmas dinner.

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Hexagonal wood Briquette, 30cm long by 8cm wide. Eight briquette per box. Feed stock pure food grade Beech wood flour 18 Kg per box. Packaging cardboard box. Heat capacity 5Kwh.