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Quality control & Certifications as an example of our integrity

Consistency in quality is our aim. Our production team follows strict procedures to guarantee that every product leaves the site and reach the customer at its best. It’s a matter of professional integrity and passion.


Only Fine Ingredients for fine products

We pride ourselves on the careful and accurate selection of products that can make a real difference in the production of fine food

Ambassador of traditional recipes

We want to be acknowledged by clients and consumers as the true ambassador of the traditional arancini making. Our recipes, not only for the arancini, follow step by step the original artisanal procedure.

Speed up the work in your kitchen with our custom-made products

Our chefs and production team are skilled and available to assist you in the definition and preparation of customized products that can help you fasten your production. We specialize in semi-finished product as well as in product ready to be cooked and served.

Make your recipe be just yours with our private label production

Along with a custom-made product, you can have your custom-printed label to be recognised and build your brand awareness. We have a graphic designer that can work with you to create your own label if you don’t have one yet.